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Michelle Lipton

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Lessons Learned

December 10, 2009 ,

Well, here we are again.  Fast approaching the end of another year.

A time for reflection.

A time for taking stock of past achievements and setting goals for the future.

A time for stuffing yourself up to the eyeballs with satsumas and chocolate pennies and waging war with loved ones over whether abbreviations are allowed in Scrabble (they’re not).

2009 gets a great big thumbs up from me.  It’s been fast, furious and full of changes – all of them impossibly good.  I’ve learnt so much in the last twelve months I’m sure my brain has gone up at least two sizes.

So here, in no particular order, and written down as much for my own benefit as anyone else’s because sometimes they really need drilling in:

Ten Lessons I Learned in 2009

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I tell you one thing I haven’t learnt. Whether it’s “learnt” or “learned”. I’ve used it both ways here. Tsk.


December 10, 2009

Ooh, you’ve got me all inspired!

Thank you, you wonderful woman.

Excellent post, as always. You deserve it all (except the computer problem. obviously…).

The Fantastic Mr Fox
(I’ve given up. you’ve got everyone at it now. I might as well join in.)

John Fox

December 10, 2009

In fairness I think I completely deserved the computer problem.

Anyone who has managed to reach adulthood without the ability to drink properly from a grown up cup deserves everything they get. I’m sure it’s a form of Writers’ Darwinism or something.

Glad to see you’re using your full and correct name my friend :)


December 10, 2009

It all happened to me, too, in 2009, huge illness, computer death, failure to back up a radio play I needed later, book contract falling through,…okay, I wasn’t hit by a car and I know how to drink tea. Through a straw? As for being scared by a producer, I look forward to 2010…Number 10… you are a great asset!

Dinah Lee Kung

December 11, 2009


Just a load of writerly kisses


Sally A

December 11, 2009

Sally – Aw, thanks. Right back atcha lovely!

Dinah – yes, a straw is good. Or a tommy tipee cup…


December 12, 2009

Excellent post, Shel. May I be one of the first to say here’s to 2010 – and there’s always a Tommee Tippee cup here for you… ;0) xxx


December 13, 2009

Spot the mother of an infant, with her correct spelling and initial caps! I’m not doing very well with my grammar here am I?

Goal #1 for 2010 – learn English.


December 14, 2009


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